A Lab in Chaos

Today there was an awkward moment where I could not figure out for the life of me whether the girl punching buttons on my PCR machine was actually a member of our lab in some capacity or just some enterprizing stranger. Either our lab is getting way too big (too exist stably without a lab manager) or my nose is way to deep in my own projects…



So, my car stereo is on the fritz. Silence in the car has given me a lot of time to think and reflect about myself, my career, my relationships, and my life. And I’ve come to one major conclusion… I really need a new stereo. And fast.

Time Is Confusing

My clocks are all different. What’s going on? Is it time for time to be regular time again?


Oh, hello, Winter. I was just hanging out with Summer last week. Say, did you happen to see Autumn on your way in? I think we just missed each other…

My One and Only Weakness

Icecream date? How can I say no?! My weakness is revealed!

Oh, Deer!

What I want to know is: where are the eight-kajillion deer during the day?!

My mother is sure they are magic and are truly ivisible. I’m finding it harder and harder to combat her logic.

Why Are Time and Food So Intricately Linked for Me?

Time is a strange thing. I need icecream.

“Business Hours” Are Just Words

Welp. Seems like people are starting to wake up for work, so I’m gonna go home from work. Only seems fair.

There Are Good and Bad Times for Everything

Never seriously contemplate the direction and quality of your life while you are at work at 1:09 am on a beautiful Thursday morning.

Coffee for Sleep?

All coffee and no sleep make Kate a very strange girl.

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